You are the maintenance man just arrived from Earth. Your task is to repair the leaking air pipes in caverns under the Moon’s surface, which supply the scientists of COLONY 11, a research station. There are inhabitants of the underground caverns which are indestructable, so must be avoided. To help you avoid them you are wearing a jet-pack, enabling you to fly over them. Press „B” to take off. You can’t use the jet-pack on the surface. To repair the pipes, you are carrying a plasma laser which when fired underneath the pipe engulfs the leak and seals it. If you leave the screen without repairing all the leaks, on returning to that screen the repaired ones, not will appear again. The air tanks on the Moon’s surface can be used to replenish your air supply (+5 by each attempt), by plugging in to them. Your air indicator (on the top of the screen) will show how much air you have. CAUTION – DO NOT OVERFILL!
The game ends if you run out of air or lives. With every level you complete an extra life is gained. You lose a life if you come into contact with any inhabitant, so be warned. When all the leaking air pipes have been repaired, then that round is completed. A bonus will be added to your score, the next round then increases speed of  leaking air making it harder to complete. GOOD LUCK!