Harken witches everywhere, take the challenge – if you dare,
Tomorrow night, ‘Tis Halloween, when only one shall be Witch Queen,
Six ingredients thou must take, and in the cauldron boil and bake,
Juice of toad, eye of newt, wing of bat, and hemlock root,
Mouldy piece of splintered bone, found from deep in musty tomb,
Molten lava, cooled awhile, taken from the smoking isle.
Then the spell shall be at hand, to rid the pumpkin from the land.

You play the part of the hag, and you must fly across the land searching for the keys to the underworld, avoiding bats, evil bouncing pumpkins, carnivorous plants and all manner of nasty creatures whilst you look. You must take off and land only on grassy clearings.  Each coloured key opens only the same coloured door, and oce you have entered the realm beneath, you have to jump from platform to platform to pick up the required ingredient for the spell.