Chubby Gristle is one of the fattest car park attendants ever and as the game progresses he is likely to get even bigger! On a good day he’s barking out instructions such as „You can’t park here” but if you happen to be in favour he’ll probably mumble ” I’ll have a word with t’commissioner and try and sort something out for you”. Love ’em or hate ’em car park attendants can’t be ignored!

Chubby’s one passion in life (apart from having a go at people) is FOOD and plenty of it! So on this heaven-on-earth mission, Chubby’s one aim is eat his way through 20 screens stuffing himself silly and reaching that one ton mark. If he doesn’t then the consequences of being  sent to a health farm just don’t Dear thinking about! 

Chubby’s journey is easy at first but level after level  provides him  with  even greater challenges, from a trip to Sainsbellys, a drinking session at The Pose and Frown, to  a cafe where the service is so good that the food is literally shovelled into him by a waiter.  There are other more daunting challenges that face Chubby such as trying to halt machinery in the car graveyard,  the worry of all those frantic housewives  who’ve lost their kids, traffic wardens cluttering  up the place and pesty kids bombing around on their bicycles.

Throughout  the game you need to collect certain items to help you later on but be choosy as not all the items will help you. If Chubby is successful in the mission throug the screens and weighs in  at one ton,  his reward will be to go home to Mrs Gristle for a good fry up a steak and kidney pie followed by Spotted Dick. So it’s up to you to help Chubby in his conquest to become a one ton giant.

PS: The game has a hidden room accessible from the first game-screen with all kinds of extra options.