A fast Arcade Action Game for all the family to play.
Egbert works on the production line at ‘LEYSPACE’. It was comfortable life until the invasion of the TEBBITES from the planet TOR. Egbert’s union has been exterminated and the Tebbies have left their deadly Pets and Items running wild in the workplace. 

As if wasn’t enough, the evil invaders have forced Egbert to take care of an Egg – damaging the Egg will have fatal consequences for poor Egbert.

Egbert is now on piecework – can he earn a decent wage? Can he even survive?

WARNING! You may get an ulcer by playing this game.

SEVEN levels of SKILL

1. Novice
2. Average
3. Good
4. Excelent
5. Gentleman
6. Wizard
7. The God!

Anybody who can do level 7, should write and let us know! 🙂