Fireman Fred is the hero of the Fire Service. Every day Fred leaves home for work at the Fire Station. When the fire bells ring, fearless Fred then swings into action with his ladders in an attempt to save lives from the perils. Fireman Fred gets many different calls for help, rescuring people and animals in danger at home and work.

Fred must be very alert as there are many dengers around him – fires, balls of smoke, poisonous spiders, exploding light bulbs and bouncing balls, to name just a few. Your job is to guide Fireman Fred up the ladders and along the floors. To make his job harder, some floors have been burnt or broken away so Fred has to jump the gaps and any other hazards that might get in his way. You must help Fred to rescue the people and the animals, get them down the ladders safety before sending them to hospital in the waiting ambulance. When you have successed on one screen you will go to the next until you have cleared all 20 screens.