You have drifted with your spaceship into a galaxy full of hostile creatures. Your task is to navigate through the given tunnels in such a way as to avoid or destroy your enemies, while acquiring useful chips, which you can bring back to earth and use for the development of humanity.

After shooting every three enemies, one chip will appear. If you have collected enough chips, more tunnels and other creatures await.

Be careful, because the time is limited and unfortunately the chip can be damaged if your projectile hits it.

Good luck!

The game was not entered into any competition, because the idea is based on the Atari game called Turmoil. However, the TOP List included in the game is a recognition of the first 3 players of Gameboy Showdown 2023 (by Tronimal), whose three-letter abbreviation is included in the game.

SHN – Shin (What Friends are for​)
AAG – AllAloneGamez (The Pact​)
PIT – Playinstinct (My Friendly Little Island​)

Thanks to Max Oakland for the music and PiiiXL for the graphics.

The title of the game was inspired by a Commodore16 demoscene team GOTU​​ (big respect to them), which would have been my first team before my career if I hadn’t created my own, the WLS​.