Move GUZZLER around the maze avoiding the Frobblies who patrol the corridors, by picking up key (20 points) wil allow you to enter a food cell and guzzle the item of food inside, however having eaten them Guzzler becomes fat and cannot enter some of the narrower passages, to become thin again he must wait at the maze left/right borders for Deflator Dennis who will deflate him, enabling him to get another key to a food cell. After picking up 4 food, Bonus Barry will appear with the current guzzler bonus letter on his front – if you get Barry, you receive 50 points and enable to enter the next level. Guzzler dies if hit by the Frobblies, contacts Deflator Dennis when thin.

Two modes are available within the game:

EASY:  Slow opponents, several fruits can be picked up at once.
HARD: Fast opponents, 1 fruit can only be picked up at a time.