The year is 1995, the setting London. The streets are crawling with punks, thugs and muggers! The ordinary urbanite masses remain prisoners in their crumbling homes, too terrified to venture outside, into the crime ridden inner-city horrorscope beyond their front doors. Only one man can clean up the city… That man is JOE BLADE.

Joe Blade – teenage pin up and pop idol, media celebrity, hero of the people, defender of the flag, helper to those less fortunate than himself. Mean tough and fearless, his very name strikes fear into the cold hearts of every punk, thug and muggers.

The mission: You are Joe Blade… Using only your skills of hand to hand combat you must clean up the city. The punks wear armour to protect themselves from each other, so in order to HIT a punk you must kick him in the head, this is achieved by jumping over him. You do not to kill them. You must also rescue 12 citizens you must walk into him (and jump) then solve a subgame:

Subgame: You must complete the sequence 1,2,3,4 by pressing JUMP when the correct number appears.

Scattered around the city you may find intems ( such as bins ) and game dealers, which will help you in your mission score.