Guide Stringer, ace riporter for the ‘Daily Blurb’ round the hotel in search of Polly Platinum, the blonde bombshell staying there. In true street of shame style the erstwhile hack has to snoop around all the rooms looking for her. He must also find his equipment (a flash bulb) and a key for the open some door. If it wasn’t enough you’ve got a deadline. The game has 3 difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard. At each difficulty level, 7 levels must be completed to play through the game. Meanwhile, the hotel’s staff and guests also want to catch you. There is a way for them to succeed, there is a way for us to slip past them. They look into every corner, but they can’t jump between floors.

-3 points for Key
-5 points for Bulb
-8 point for the picture of Polly Platinum
-bonus points: +1 points for each remaining time