In the ancient realms and provinces of the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ lived a breed of warriors – feared by all and who feared no one. These were the NINJA. To rise in the ranks of the Ninja was the ultimate challenge in human andeavour. Now is your chance to face this challenge.

The annual games have come around, and this is your opportunity to impress the elders. Four test have bean devised for you to show your skills. Each test  carries a qualifying score that you will have to exceed before you can proceed to the next test. If you do not qualify after the test, you will be eliminated from the games. Succeed in all four tests, and you will be awarded a new grading – and the chance to attain the next grade.

STAGE 1: In this test, you will have to defend yourself against arrows, fired  at you from off the screen. Some of the arrows will really move, so be sure that your reflexes are finely tuned. The qualifying score will be displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the display.

STAGE 2: To qualify in this test, you must achieve enough power by alternatively striking the LEFT and  RIGHT keys to break the log with a Karate chop.

 This is probably the hardes test to complete. Using your trusty Ninja sword, defend yourself against the deadly Shuriken Stars.

 This is the final test that has to be completed. Armed with a blow pipe, you must shoot down the cannisters, thrown from the left or right of the screen.

The game will end when you fail to attain the given qualifying score in an event. Win if you reach the BLACK BELT. Good luck…