Jack finds himself at the bottom of a beanstalk. After climbing to the top he reaches the Giant’s Castle. Once inside, Jack is confronted by several rooms. He knows that in three of these rooms are hidden a golden egg, and a bag of gold. The thought of retrieving these precious treasures and getting out alive is such a challenge for Jack, that he decides to explore the rooms in search of them – but in each room there are perilous obstacles to overcome before he can proceed to the next. Manic Ducks, Killer Jelly Babies, Flying Hatchets and Demon Hoovers etc., are all desperately trying to stop brave Jack going any further.
Unfortunately, Jack has nothing with which to defend himself, but being very agile he can jump from ledge to table or table to ledge to try and escape these monstrous creatures and terrible objects, and go on the next room.
Out on a Limb is a test of enormous skill and great nerve! With its superb graphics and sound effects this enthralling game will push you to the limit. Get Jack out with the treasure before a horrible fate befalls him!