Pancho the painter is one very jumpy senor. Mind you, he has every right to be! You’d be jumpy if you had a group of Mad Mexican Munchers out to get you when all you want to do is  earn your daily crust. Not only that but there is a wild Jumping Bean who does not appreciate Pancho’s work, preferring things in their original colour. Fortunately Pancho has you to help him tackle the day’s work, plus a couple of magic carpets on which he can take short siestas. Use your skill and quick reactions to help Pancho paint the boxes whilst avoiding the Munchers and trying to capture the Jumping Bean. Sounds easy doesn’t it? TRY IT!!!

How to play the game:

Press START/ENTER button to start the game. An arrangement of yellow-topped boxes appears on the screen together with three white magic carpets. Pancho is sitting on the right-hand carpet with the Mad Mexican Muncher and the wild Jumping Bean on the left-hand carpets. Using arrow keys, guide Pancho from box to box . Pancho quickly paints each box blue when he lands on it. However, every time the Jumping Bean lands on a box which Pancho has painted he paints it yellow again. Your priority must be therefore be to prevent extra work by capturing the Jumping Bean.

You must at all times avoid the Mexican Muncher as contact with him is fatal. You can rest on one of the Magic Carpets, where you are safe of, if you find yourself in a sticky situation, you can press the FIRE button to play one of your Jokers. This will transport you immediately to one of the Magic Carpets from any of the blocks.

Occasionally a checkered top appears on one of the boxes. An extra life can be earned for painting one of these, but you must be quick as they don’t stay checkered for long.

When Pancho has painted all of the boxes he earns whatever bonus is remaining in the Bonus Box in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen then moves on to the next set of boxes. Beware – if the bonus reaches zero before Pancho has completed his task then he will have to work at break-kneck speeds.

Subsequent levels require extra coats of paint, up to a maximum of three.