P.O.D has no pretentious storyline and no mega-reality to justify its existence. It is simply an exciting addictive shoot-em-up! There are 9 difficult levels to survive, each more difficult than the last and all superbly balanced for playability and action.
You play across an interconnecting grid of wire, along which your P.O.D (what else?) may be moved. The aliens arrive (usually) from the top and descend repidly in orderly fashion, intent on causing P.O.D actual physical pain. You can’t move over the damage until it heals (A few second), but the Bad Guys can move!
Each level is timed (20 sec) as shown on the screen and to win through all you have to do is stay in one piece. Should you succeed a bonus extra life (every second level + 1 life – max. no.3) You will need them all!

In the unlikely event of your achieving a good score, the high score table records the event (only 1 hi-score, the best of all time) and save it to the memory.

Firing will often be a problem because if the machine overheats, you can’t shoot!

Keep moving and keep firing.