Action starts over Chisleton with Super Gran on her Flycycle being chased by an Imposter Gran firing cannon balls at her. Having survived that screen she moves on the next action.

Professor Black has asked Super Gran to help him take his Skimmer to the Science Exhibition. To do this she must drive along a twisting road avoiding potholes kerbs and, of course, that Evil Scunner Campbell. Having guided the Skimmer to the Exhibition, Super Gran has to leave to rescue the Invisibility Machine left on top of the cliff by Scunner Campbell.

Super Gran has to scale up the cliff face using the available ledges, feet and hand holes. Watch out for hidden dangers, some of the ledges are wet and slippery and the tide is coming in too. Scunner Campbell and his boys hear the Super Gran is out to retrieve the machine and commandeer a helicopter to bomb her as she climbs. On reaching the top Super Gran takes the Invisibility Machine and uses it to became invisible to all her enemies.