Welcome to Tazz, a game requiring skill and fast reactions. You are Tazz sent from a cowboy company ‘Bug Exterminators Unlimited/Unreliable’ and as your first day with this company you have been sent miniaturised into a computer to gate crash a wild party hosted by a real nasty bunch of bugs. All may look easy butit soon becomes obvious that those bugs have a slight personality clash with Tazz, and given half the chance will give him the touch of death should he ask them for their autograph. What’s more these bugs have friends in the building trade and they just love building walls. Trouble is, they just don’t know when to stop and often lose half their friends in the process.

Now this party is wilder then you can imagine since some other party goers have turned up in really high spirits and are going round knocking the bugs flying all over the place and seem  to have the same personality clash with Tazz as do the hopping happy bugs.

Last I heard wild butterflies and razor sharp scythes were on the loose giving Tazz quite a bit of hassle…

In order to progress in the game clear the screen of bugs (10/15 or 20) before Tazz becomes part of the brickwork and then prepare yourself for the next encounter.