Long ago, this land was inhabited by an evil magician. The land now is unhabited, even the magician himself has gone. However, deep within the magicians lair it is febled that a priceless treasure – a golden statue – is buried. It is your objective to locate this treasure.

Throughout the 48 screens of maze are located various areas – forest, streams, cottages, a church etc. It is possible to enter buildings and explore the internal rooms.

Within these screens you will discover several objects: -potions, food, drink, ‘talisman’ etc. In order to complete the game all seven talisman must be collected,

You are given a strength rating (hearts icon on the upper left corner of the screen), upon this reaching zero you will die and the game ends. During the game, food and other items can be collected to boost your strength. However, there are also several faxtors which will reduce your hearts i.e. vampire bats, poison, water, etc. If the statue is found, the game will ends.


Goblets – these contain food/drink and increase your strength to maximum.
Potions – most of these boost your strength  a little but three have special functions.

i) Poison – rapidly decreases your strength.
ii) Health drug – this is an antidote to the poison
iii) Magic potion – allows you to find concealed passages

Talismans: there are seven of these located throughout the game and all must be collected in order to gain access to the final screen.

Candle – this must be collected in order to see when in the underground section

Keys – there are two keys whitch are needed to open locked doors.


Use arrow keys to move. To jump, press B. Button A is used to enter building or well when standing over the door.