In Irish mythology, Tír Na Nóg is one outside the realm of mankind an otherworldly place where there is no death, no disease, no time, only beauty and happiness. The Celts also call it the land of eternal youth.

In the game, you control Cuchulain, who left the world of the living to enter Tír Na Nóg. Your task is to assemble the pieces for Calum’s seal. 


Killing Cuchulain – since he no longer exists in the world of the living – is simple impossible. Of course, opponents (e.g. Sídhe) can take HP from him, but when it runs out completely, our protagonist is returned to the gates of Tír Na Nóg and you can continue his mission.


If you defeat Sídhe as the main enemy, banished from that area will be, but not until the end of time, but only for a certain period of time. If you run away, you will not meet Sídhe on that screen again, but as soon as you leave the area and return, Sídhe will be there again, in fact, he looks forward to the next fight, strengthened.


You will always meet him during your quest, but you will find one in the game map that will help you in which sections it appears your enemy, so you can even outsmart him if you want. The map using and getting to know it is a very important task in order to fulfill your mission. It is a great help to write out the different areas.


Walking through the land of Tír Na Nóg, to various doors, cave entrances, paths you can find. There are doors that you can go through, some that have a key you have to use it. These will be revealed during gameplay. If you opened a door and you have obtained the key for it, you will be able to enter it during the entire game time.


In the land of youth, you will also find objects. These objects are different they are equipped with features, essential to get inside somewhere or touch another object using one. Calum’s seal requires taking 2 items to the gates of Tír Na Nóg then put it in the chest there to complete your mission.


The game only looks similar to the original ZX Spectrum version. Everything has been redrawn, everything is different, there is very little that can be connected to the original game.