You are Captain Dar-es UXB, the bomb disposal expert, and you have been called in to help. The jealous Genterns have put bombs in all the Caverns of Time because the Lord of the Touchstone would not grant them immortality. Your job is to travel through each cavern defusing sufficient bombs to allow you to pass through an Hour Gate into the next Cavern of Time. However, you must evade the Qerims and avoid the Time Spines. Qerims are the ghosts of marauders caught stealing Minutes Apples from the Caverns of Time, they are condemned to spend the rest of eternity pacing (wecumtoyou) the floor of the cavern in which they were capured. The Genterns have enlisted their help by promising to free them when the Cavern of Time are destroyed, so they are out to stop you defusing the bombs. Time Spines are time reverses laid by the Genterns, hit one of these and you dematerialize. Defuse the bombs through 9 Time Caverns to get your worthy reward.