A brilliant arcade action game testing your reactions and skills to the limits, with numerous different attack waves to choose from as you penetrate throught the game. You are in full of the Gun Ship „Zok” with the mission of wiping out those aliens and other flying objects in your universe.

Your craft has powerful thrust jets to help you crush those aliens before they get you! The universe is one screen wide with a visual indicator 🙂 to help you plot your position with the aliens appearing from all directions.

Now get ready to annihilate the Crawlers and the Bomber, but beware some of the Aliens are indestructible. You will have to find out which is which the hard way!

Scoring and play tips: 
-1 points for shooting enemies.
-3 lives are available on each level. If you move to another level, the number of lives will be 3 again.
-each enemy object must be shot 5x to disappear from that level.

PS: Although the original C16/Plus4 cassette cover was named Zap-em, the original game’s opening screen reads: Zapp’em! I edited it according to the one on the cover.